Quabbin Mediation is located in this historic building in downtown Orange, Massachusetts
Quabbin Mediation is located in
this historic building in
downtown Orange, Massachusetts.
Image by Doug Kerr by CC 2.0

The current Training Active Bystanders (TAB) curriculum was developed in 2014 by Quabbin Mediation of Orange, MA. The original version of the Training Active Bystanders curriculum was created and first used in collaboration between Quabbin Mediation, Inc. and Professor Ervin Staub, Ph.D., in 2006-2007 and is based in significant part on Professor Staub's work. After reading the Psychology of Good and Evil: Why Children, Adults and Groups Help and Harm Others, Quabbin Mediation’s executive director Sharon Tracy and training director Susan Wallace met with author Ervin Staub at his office on the UMass-Amherst campus. From that meeting grew a partnership between academia and the grassroots to further expand the violence prevention work Quabbin Mediation has carried out in the North Quabbin region of Massachusetts for many years.

TAB has created a new and enduring partnership among Quabbin Mediation, regional schools, police departments, and community organizations. Partners were involved in the evolution of TAB from its inception, through strategy development, refining, applying and modifying the curriculum, and evaluation. This involvement has led to a demand for TAB in the community setting, in organizations, and in elementary schools, as well as demand for a creating an advanced TAB curriculum.

Since 2008, TAB has been implemented in over 10 school districts, training over 1,800 students to teach the curriculum to 18,000 of their peers. Additionally, TAB has been implemented in numerous community settings, encouraging community members to become morally courageous Active Bystanders. TAB has become the work of many thousands of people in the Massachusetts’ North Quabbin area and beyond. Quabbin Mediation is deeply grateful to all those volunteers who have given so much of themselves to make the program a success.