Sharon Tracy

Sharon is the Executive Director of Quabbin Mediation. She founded the organization in 1995. A mediator and trainer, she develops and implements mediation, active bystandership, negotiation and conflict resolution curricula in a multitude of settings. With over forty years' experience in organizational development, she has particular skills in creating innovative programs and securing financial support for them. One such program is Veterans Mediation, which trains military-connected community volunteers to mediate for their peers. Another is Training Active Bystanders, an effective, evidence-based school and community program. Sharon earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies with a concentration in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and has worked as an editor, publisher, and business development consultant.

Susan Wallace

Susan is the Assistant Executive Director and Training Director for Quabbin Mediation. Together with Sharon Tracy she developed the copyrighted Training Active Bystanders curriculum. As Training Director, she plans, implements and coordinates all the training activities of Quabbin Mediation. Quabbin Mediation provides a range of training: mediation, group facilitation, negotiation, conflict resolution and Training Active Bystanders for a wide variety of audiences in educational, community and workplace settings. This has included creating curricula, developing and maintaining contacts with training sites and trainers, scheduling all aspects of trainings, and direct involvement with implementing the training modules. Susan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Justice from Hampshire College with a concentration in Education.

Nanc Riebschlaeger
general Administrator