Community Based Curriculum

TAB engages youth in the teaching of the curriculum through a peer-education model.

Teens are paired with adult members of the community to teach in pairs.

The pairs share the responsibility of teaching as equals.

Having teens teach the curriculum keeps students engaged.

Utilizing adult volunteers from the community.

Quabbin Mediation conducts an 18-hour training wherein teen trainers work side by side their adult counter parts.  Adults volunteers are chosen from various community agencies, groups and organizations to ensure full community participation in shifting the attitudes towards harm-doing and  the promotion on active bystandership.  The teens are selected by school personel and peers and those with enough social capital to improve school climate through education and role modeling.  Pairs of trained teen and adults teach the 6-lesson curriculum to full grades of students in variety of configurations.  As these teens and community adults work together a relationship is created.  Many of these adults go on to be personal references fro youth on job and college applications.  The shift towards a caring community begins in the formation of positive relationships between the trainers.  These relationships become models of the evolution of a community towards caring more for one another.